Sai Melissa (shh__dont_tell) wrote,
Sai Melissa

Marina & the Diamonds “I Am Not A Princess”

Filmmaker Eugene Lee Yang creates this mini fairy tale movie set to a medley of tracks from Marina's debut album The Family Jewels.

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this is so awesome! I actually just made a copy of my cd for my friend Holli - who I haven't seen in like... months? - and gave it to her when we hung out today. Was fun, but I want to see you ASAP!!! I'll email you tomorrow to see what's going on for the weekend and maybe Sunday we'll hang out (Saturday, I've got my Vel's (friend of fam) 90th birthday!!!
I love the way the fairy tales end in this, and it's so pretty to look at.
I'm glad you liked it, I thought you would!

Sunday sounds like fun! Have a great time Saturday, and don't forget to pet Saius, I know how neglected he is.